After successfully submitting your ad, you should see a whole bunch of stuff including the success message, a preview of what your announcement will look like, the date it will be deleted, your IP address, and some other stuff. If you see anything else, email me using the link at the bottom of any page and tell me what you saw.

When you submit your announcement, the engine will tell you whether the key code email was successfully sent and where it went. If the engine is unable to send your notification for any reason, it will tell you that too.

PBeM2.com is not responsible for notifications once they leave our server.

If you see a message saying your submission was successful but not that the key code was sent or where it went send me the entire ad you were trying to post - I'll need what you put in every single field on the form - so I can investigate what the problem is.

Because the email sent to you after you've posted your game is automatically generated from the server, many spam filters or software will prevent you from receiving your key code. If you are able, you'll want to add postings@pbem2.com to your "safe" list. The subject line of the email will be "Key Code For Your Game Announcement".

It's also possible that your ISP or web server has spam filtering software installed that you might not be aware of. Do not email me if you don't receive your notification if the engine told you it was successfully sent when you submitted your ad. There is nothing I can do for you except advise you to check your "spam", "trash", or "bulk" mail folders, or try a different email address.

However, if upon submission of your announcement if you receive an error message stating that the email was NOT sent please email me using the contact link at the bottom of any page.