• DON'T Post ads for the same game more than once. Wait for the ad to drop off the lists or delete your old announcement before reposting.
  • DON'T Post to multiple categories. Choose the narrowest one that fits your game, and post your announcement there.
  • DON'T Use HTML in your ad. Show your skills on your own site, not this one.
  • DON'T Write a novel for an ad. If you have more information to impart than will fit within 3000 character limit, put it in a text file and email it to your applicants.
  • DO Fill out all fields of the form.
  • DO Leave the "http://" in the "Site" field, or your link will not render properly.
  • DO Use the text field to describe your game and to entice people to visit your site. Tell them the things they want to know: how many players you are looking for, if the game is new or established, whether it's open- or closed-ended, what the expected posting rates are, etc.
  • DO Pay attention to the date your ad will be discarded so you'll know when to come back and re-post it. It will appear at the top of the screen when your ad is accepted.
  • DO Tell me if there is a category you don't see that you simply must have. There's an email link at the bottom of every page. I think we've covered everything, but the fact that I may have missed something is not outside the realm of possibility.