GM: Reg OLds[Phantom GM 6101] [rolds2605@gmail.com]
Played via: Forum based

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TEAM ALPHABeing a teen is tough enough without dealing with superpowers and supervillians. Welcome to the world of TEAM ALPHA the Champions superhero game in which You are a member of the greatest student superteam in the Champions UNiverse. You and your fellow heroes go on missions to thwart the schemes of the myriad villains of this universe.

We will need original superheroes teen heroes or adult- your choice to populate the universe of Champions High but I also need a co GM to help run the game. The setting is in Med City Durham NC and also Capitolis Raliegh and Churchill City Chapel Hill but we will also set the adventures all over the US and beyond. For info and casting requests please email me @ rolds2605@gmail.com