Title: Rancho Bonito Alliance - A Super Story
GM: Skyhawk900 [skyhawk900@gmail.com]
Played via: Email

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Rancho Bonito Alliance - A Super StoryYou have slugged it out with nefarious criminals and foiled the masterminds fiendish plan for world domination. Now if you could only get a date for the prom. Welcome to the life of a high school super hero. Mild mannered student by day, masked vigilante by night. Can you pass that biology midterm, avoid utter humiliation in the social minefield of high school cliques, and keep your best friends dark secret? Maybe defending the city from a radioactive horror isnt such a tough job after all.

Since the arrival of mysterious masked vigilantes in the thirties, costumed heroes have been a part of life. Still, caped heroes, mystic beings, brilliant inventors, and megalomaniacs, barely impact day to day affairs. This alternate earth is like ours, perhaps a little simpler, a little brighter, a little more like the world on television. Most major cities boast of a costumed hero or even hero team. The nearest active super hero team to Rancho Bonito is the Gate Keepers, a high profile group stationed in San Francisco. Many heroes fill a celebrity role in society, with fan clubs, public appearances, and promotions. Others prefer to stick to the shadows.Ordinary peoples reactions to super heroes are mixed. On one hand, everyone hears about hero groups stopping dangerous super-terrorists, braking up organized crime rings, or performing rescues in the face of natural disasters. On the other hand, hero battles are potentially destructive, and certain organizations call for greater controls on super hero activity. These groups proclaim heroes a menace to society and a bad influence on children (note the increased violence on the playground).

Although individuals have had contact with several alien species, inter-dimensional travelers, and hidden civilizations this is not commonly known to the populace.

We are a group of writers creatively working together to tell stories within an established alternate world where supers exist and have been doing so for nearly two decades. We are looking for some new players to fill the gaps created by a couple of talented writers who have left.