Higher Ground: A Dark Shadows Spinoff
GM: Joey Jolley [johnmunch@q.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc
Tired of trying to destroy the Collins family and being evil, Angelique changes her ways and decides to use her powers to battle the forces of evil and help others. She releases Barnabas from her vampire curse and allows him to live in peace with Victoria Winters. Angelique leaves Maine and heads for Los Angeles, California. When she gets there, an unknown force gives her superhuman strength, powerful hearing, excellent eyesight, and cat-like agility.

And she'll need those traits combined with her witchcraft. A secret organization of werewolves called "The Lycans" are threatening mankind, and a hero will be needed to save humanity. After watching an episode of "Wonder Woman", Angelique gets an idea. She disguises herself as Lysette Andrews, an investigative reporter for a major Los Angeles newspaper. Whenever there's trouble, Lysette ducks out of sight and, casting a spell and whirling a voodoo statue around herself, transforms into Angelique. Angelique is aided by three allies: a rapper-turned-superhero, a male cyborg, and the superhero Sasquatch.

The Lycans are in big trouble!

Join us! You can play Angelique/Lysette Andrews, one of her three allies, a Lycan, or a character or villiain of your creation.