Title: USS Oracle
GM: Captain Solan Jekkar [rynok@hotmail.com]
Played via: Custom Games

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USS OracleAre you seeking a fresh adventure in an ever changing galactic climate? In 2393 Starfleet has returned to exploring the vastness of space with new Starships leaving Federation territory every day to seek out the new, the strange and the unknown. USS Oracle is a Sovereign Class Starship that has served in a post Dominion climate as old alliances shift, borders are redefined and new threats rear their heads. The Federation prides itself on seeking out new worlds and boldly going into the unknown and as the 24th Century draws ever closer to its final chapter the future looks as uncertain as ever before. Currently looking for most Department head positions as well as Assistant slots. Simm is currently 16+ at the moment.

Visit the website and see what mysteries await you, what new things are to be unearthed and what you can do to shape the future. Also find us on Discord at https://discord.gg/xsEAfWN