Title: USS Komorkis
GM: Commander Eranfel [emailjscottdrake@gmail.com]
Played via: Custom Games

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USS Komorkis*“Captain’s Log, stardate 68783.68 While en route to Makus III to confirm if the known Cardassian war criminal Overseer Tejar could be hiding there we have strangely enough received an urgent communique from the very planet we’re heading to. A crisis has erupted, and Ulth Aliss, one of the few educated members of the lower caste of the Shean who inhabits the planet has asked for our help in preventing civil conflict...”*

The year is 2393 and change is in the air. The Federation is actively seeking to return to its roots after years of war, destruction, and crisis. The Romulans are rebuilding, and an alliance between several other races known as the Typhoon Pact is leaving many uneasy. In the midst of all this Starfleet is looking to shine like a beacon through exploration and discovery once more.

The USS Komorkis, an Insignia-class starship has been commissioned under the command of Commander Eranfel. With a diverse crew and the most advanced technology the fleet can offer, the Komorkis is built for exploration. To discover beyond what Starfleet has reached for already and to dream what has been considered impossible. Its five-year mission promises to take them beyond where anyone has gone before.

Rated 222 and 18+, the USS Komorkis is a play by Nova simulation recruiting for dozens of positions, including all department head positions. Visit our website at http://komorkis.pegasusfleet.site or our Discord at https://discord.gg/6n29GVS