GM: Joey Jolley [johnmunch@q.com]
Played via: Forum based
Thousands of years ago, a race of giants from the stas called the Annunaki visited Earth. They came in search of gold. They found it, and primitive man. Using genetic engineering, they created humans. They used humans to mine the gold for them, and taught humans their advanced knowledge. Ancient man regarded the Annunaki as gods.

They also conducted frightening genetic experiments, creating bizarre creatures. The Annunaki were the source of our myths and legends, as well as our religious stories. They are mentioned in the myths and legends of every culture around the world. Our ancient monuments were constructed by them.

The Annunaki were NOT benevolent. They were evil. They used our ancestors as slaves.

Fifty-thousand years ago, our ancestors, with the help of a race of aliens called "The Watchers", drove the Annunaki from our world. The Watchers then created a global flood, wiping away any evidence of the Annunaki except for our ancient monuments, spaceports, and artifacts, and helped humanity get a fresh start. The Watchers have guided humanity to this day.

For the past fifty-thousand years, the Annunaki have conquered countless star systems, creating an interstellar empire.

The present day. The Annunaki gold reserves have run out, and they have returned. And they want us back! The Annunaki invade Earth, and war breaks out between humanity and the Annunaki. It's a war that humanity must win if it is to survive!

"Invasion!" is the story of that war. The armies of the world battle the Annunaki on land while the world's navies battle them on sea and the world's air forces fight them in the air. Behind enemy lines, civilians flee to safety and resistance fighters battle the Annunaki behind enemy lines. Join the fight! tAKE ANY POSITION YOU WANT. tO JOIN, SEND A CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY TO JOHNMUNCH@Q.COM.

Title: Vagrants of infinity
GM: ZL [zlargo@gmail.com]
Played via: Email

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Vagrants of infinity Vagrants of Infinity (VOI) is an independent Sci-Fi RPG and collaborative writing group. VOI will take place in the future and in space (obviously) but it will run unlike any other game out there. While VOI has inspiration that comes from Firefly, Farscape, Dr. Who, Cowboy Bebop and Rick and Morty; it works more to capture their spirit than the directly portray them.

The game will follow the crew of the Teodor as they travel the endlessness of space, looking for work and to make a life for themselves. The missions themselves will be very different from other games in that they will break into two categories, group missions and solo missions: For group missions there will be several for the group to choose from and essentially vote to decide which to do. From there we will work together to complete our objective. However, missions themselves will range from standard cargo missions, to salvaging missions, to smuggling, heists, bizarre horror missions and crazy science fiction missions.

The second type of mission will be very similar, but will be done solo. So if you don't feel like taking part in the main mission, just need a break from the group, or have an idea you want to work on right away, take a solo mission.

With both types of missions all players can submit and work on their own ideas, it won't always be ideas coming from just the GM. Also, because of the solo mission option, if you just need a break from the game entirely, you take an assumed mission where we essentially write off your character as off on a mission, when you as the writer are just taking a break for any reason.

As with the missions; Aliens, Factions, Locations, Ships, Side characters and anything else you can think of can be added to the game to make the place bigger. This will not be like a Star Trek game where we have half a dozen governments and that is pretty much it, loyalties and allegiances will change from star systems to star system and the more ideas the better.

The best analogy I have for this game would be to compare it to your video game collection. You might have games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, Fallout, Mad Max, Assassins Creed, Grand Theft Auto and Shadow of Mordor and while the setting and the theme change from game to game, you as the gamer doesn't change. You play the game with your own sensibilities and the decisions are yours. As with Vagrants of Infinity, the setting will change frequently keeping that we are never tied to one genre or setting, but our characters will always be our characters.

We will develop our characters and their stories in the ever changing settings and through the various missions, allowing us to truly change in the face of massive change, instead of merely pretending there is change or variety when it is simply the same handful of missions over and over again, repackaged and resold.

Join Now! And be part of the adventure!