Title: The Morrow Proje t
GM: D2wintr@gmail.com [D2wintr@gmail.com]
Played via: Forum based

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The Morrow Proje t
With the discovery of Asteroid EM9 in late 2016 the world govenments knew without question that the end had finally come. For a time they tried to keep the discovery a secret but secrets have a way of getting out and with the start of 2017 the world knew the end was near.

For a time the World Governments attempted to maintain order as Government leaders and societies elite secretly withdrew to hidden bunkers and secret staging areas to wait out the coming storm ready to again take hold of the reigns of power once the storm had passed.

Or at least that had been the plan but some were not so inclined to wait for the end and in June 2017 the Third World War began, and by late September 2017 when EM9 made planetfall there were to few survivors left to notice or even care.


This would have been the end of human history save one man who had seen a future beyond tomorrow and gathered those to him that shared this vision set about collecting other like minded individuals to help rebuild after the fall...