Endgame Enigma
GM: Joey Jolley [johnmunch@q.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc
In 2030, in a world in which the Cold War is still going on and the Soviet Union still exists, an American CIA operative and a genetically-engineered Russian woman, a super-soldier who was created as part of a top-secret Soviet genetics project code-named "Red Orchestra" and designed to create the ultimate warrior, who escaped from the lab with twelve other children a decade earlier, team up to battle the Soviets and keep the hope of freedom alive in a dark world.

They are aided in their fight by their fellow CIA operatives, the operatives of other Western intelligence agencies, and the brave resistance fighters of the nations that are under the iron hand of Communism.

The genetically-engineered Russian woman is searching for her lost brothers and sisters and is being pursued by the sadistic KGB officer who overseas "Red Orchestra" while the CIA operative is battling demons of his own! This is their story. It is also the story of Soviet espionage operations taking place in the United States and the FBI's hunt for them. And there is a Soviet mole in the highest levels of the U.S. Government, and the Israeli Mossad has learned of the Soviet genetics project and has sent its best operative to investigate the project and capture one of the escapees.

Join us in this sci-fi/espionage role-playing game. The following positions are open:

1. Genetically-Engineered Soviet Woman
2. President of the United States
3. CIA Director
4. CIA Operative
5. MI-6 Operative
6. French Intelligence Operative
7. West German Intelligence Operative
8. Anti-Communist Resistance Fighter
10. American Communist Party Member
11. KGB Operative
12. Commanding Officer of the "Red Orchestra" Project
13. Israeli Mossad Operative
15. General Secretary of the Soviet Union
16. Director of the FBI
17. FBI Director
18. FBI Agent

To join, send a character bio to the GM at johnmunch@q.com.