Title: Vagrant Story
GM: ZL [zlargo@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc

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Vagrant StoryVagrant Story is an independent Sci-Fi RPG and collaborative writing group. VS will take place in the future and in space (obviously) but it will run unlike any other game out there. While Vagrant Story has inspiration that comes from Firefly, Farscape, Dr. Who, Cowboy Bebop and Rick and Morty; it works more to capture their spirit than the directly portray them.

The game will follow the crew of the Searcher as they travel the endlessness of space, looking for work and to make a life for themselves.
Missions; Aliens, Factions, Locations, Ships, Side characters and anything else you can think of can be added to the game to make the place bigger. This will not be like a Star Trek game where we have half a dozen governments and that is pretty much it, loyalties and allegiances will change from star systems to star system and the more ideas the better.

The best analogy I have for this game would be to compare it to your video game collection. You might have games like Mass Effect, Skyrim, Fallout, Mad Max, Assassins Creed, Grand Theft Auto and Shadow of Mordor and while the setting and the theme change from game to game, you as the gamer does not change. You play the game with your own sensibilities and the decisions are yours. As with Vagrant Story, the setting will change frequently keeping that we are never tied to one genre or setting, but our characters will always be our characters.

We will develop our characters and their stories in the ever changing settings and through the various missions, allowing us to truly change in the face of massive change, instead of merely pretending there is change or variety when it is simply the same handful of missions over and over again, repackaged and resold.

Additionally, Vagrant Story is a fully active game that has been running since November of last year so new players will come in to join a strong core of writers. This will allow new writers to work with others who are on the game, rather than coming into a game with few players that perhaps has not even had a chance to begin.

Come now, and Join the Adventure!

Dark Frontier
GM: Joey Jolley [joeyjolley1975@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc
In 2030, in a future in which the Nazis won World War II, an American OSS agent and a genetically-engineered German woman who, as a child, escaped from a Nazi genetics lab with twelve other children and is being pursued by the Nazi officer in charge of the German genetics lab from which she escaped, and is searching for those others of her kind, undertake dangerous missions behind Nazi lines, fighting against the Nazi menace and keeping the hope of freedom alive in a dark world. They are aided by their fellow OSS agents, operatives of the British Special Operations Executive, intelligence operatives of governments-in-exiles, and the brave resistance fighters in occupied Europe

     This is their story. It is also the story of the missions of other OSS operatives operating throughout the world, operatives of the British Special Operations Executive, operatives of governments in-exile, Nazi Abwehr agents operating in the United States, and FBI agents tracking Nazi spies in the United States, German defectors, and those from other nations who are bravely risking their lives in helping oppressed people escape from occupied Europe, and those suffering in Nazi concentration camps and escaping. If you want to join, please contact the GM at joeyjolley1975@gmail.com.

The following positions are available:

1. The Genetically-Engineered German Woman
2. OSS Director
3. OSS Operative
4. British S.O.E. Operative
5. Intelligence Operative of Government-In-Exile
6. Resistance Fighter In Occupied Europe
7. The Fuhrer
8. Nazi Official
9. Director of the Nazi genetics lab
10. Abwehr Agent 12. FBI Agent
11. Nazi Counterintelligence Agent
12. Nazi SS Officer
13. Gestapo Officer 14. German Defector
15. Nazi Concentration Camp Inmate

A character sheet will be provided upon request.

Title: Star Wars: Resurgence
GM: Taron Loq-Varr [monsignornadnad@tutanota.com]
Played via: Custom Games

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Star Wars: ResurgenceBeyond the field of battle the crew of the Arquitens class command cruiser, Resurgence, has been ordered out to the fringes of the Outer Region Territories in order to investigate a string of kidnappings of Force-Sensitive people from the planet Kraton III. In lieu of a shakedown cruise, the Resurgence under the command of Jedi General Taron Loq-Varr, will begin an investigation that could drastically challenge beliefs the crew once held to their core.

Star Wars: Resurgence is an 18+, play-by-nova, roleplay community. Resurgence is set in the year 19BBY not long before the execution of Order 66 which resulted in the Jedi Purge. Players can be Jedi, Clone, or Republic Navy generally. Anyone who would like to play a member of the Sith Order would need to join the groups https://discord.gg/XruNK5v server and open a line of communication with the GM team.