Title: Black Skies RP: A Steampunk World
GM: Vanecia [vaneciabreezy@gmail.com]
Played via: Forum based

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Black Skies RP: A Steampunk WorldWelcome to Black Skies, a 100% original steampunk and victorian-era inspired world. Essentially imagine the eras of the Age of Exploration and the Steam Age were swapped in dates in a different world with different countries, and cultures. The game begins with the World’s Fair where the major countries come together in the name of progress and innovation. However, in the south, those same major countries vie for dominance over the sea and skies and scramble to colonize the treacherous continent of Alkebu. It is up to you to swing the direction of our world and discover the secrets that will lead you on an adventure of your own making.

In Black Skies RP, you can create a character with a unique set of skills and abilities. As the conflict and tensions grow between countrymen, roll the dice for a successful rebellion. Or attempt to explore the hidden secrets of Alkebu, or invent new technologies to improve the world. Black Skies RP features rebellion mechanics, battle mechanics, mechanically-supported character growth, and the most steampunk-y of all – alchemy mechanics that will help create, invent, and shape the world around you - from the biggest invention to the smallest. The possibilities are endless, and with some creativity, collaboration with others, writing, and a spot of luck you can craft all sorts of stories.

We are a text based roleplaying game and no matter what your skill level of writing, we invite you to come, check us out, and join a community of steampunk enthusiasts in a world that is all our own. Read up on lore or join our community’s steampowered hype train. Note: this is a subreddit roleplaying community however the main subreddit is not yet open.

But you can check out our community subreddit at r/bsrpcommunity where you will find a list of condensed information to help you get acclimated. Or join our discord chatroom (https://discord.gg/wB2sSDV) and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions! If you want to read up on our lore first before deciding to jump straight into the Great Bitter Sea, check out our wikia.(http://black-skies-roleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Skies_Roleplay_Wiki)

The great game of gears has not yet begun but as we grow closer to the cutting of the red ribbon, we, the mod team at BSRP, have a detailed schedule of announcements, unveilings, Q&A’s to help and hype you through the process of understanding the world of Black Skies.

Fare thee well,

The Mod Team at Black Skies RP