Title: Lost Souls
GM: Christine [c.femalewriter@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc

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Lost SoulsHi,

-If you love mixing fantasy with science fiction (and maybe blending other genres as well)...
-If you love to write or enjoy role-playing games that focus on characters and stories, not on dice and stats...
-If you like helping to expand a fictional universe (adding lore, characters, species, worlds, or more)...

...then you might be interested in Lost Souls…

Lost Souls is an original science fantasy role-playing / collaborative storytelling group. The main focus is on characters and stories that happen in the “lost universe”, where modern/futuristic technology and magic co-exist. The stories can include “slices of life”, mysteries, bigger adventures, or even a touch of romance.

We are looking for original characters that are either native to the lost universe or are a lost soul from an alternate universe. We have over a dozen sapient species that are “native” to the lost universe (and we are open to new ones), and about half a dozen worlds being played in (even space, if anyone is interested).

If you’re still interested…
-We allow lurkers, as long as they respond to a monthly “interest check” from an owner/moderator.
-We accept various writing styles and do not require a minimum word count (though we might pout if you give us a lot of one-liners).
-We are a pretty relaxed group; asking active members to post at least once a week, but understanding when real life gets in the way.
-We also have an OOC sub-group where anyone can ask questions, offer suggestions and discuss various aspects of the group.

Come check us out...