Battleground America-An Alternate History RPG
GM: Joey Jolley [joeyjolley1975@gmail.com]
Played via: Forum based
"Battleground America" is an alternate-history role-playing game that tells the story of what might happen if the United States became a religious police state.

It begins with the inauguration of the new president, who ran as a candidate for a new political part called "The Christian Democratic Party" on January 20, 2017 and continues as the new president quietly changes the country into a theocratic dictatorship through the taking of Congress and the legislatures and governorships of all fifty states and local governments and abolishing the Constitution and abolishing Separation of Church and State.

Life in the United States changes forever as secular culture dies and a strict religious culture takes its place. The new president calls himself "The Prophet" and the large religious organization he heads, "The Church of Universal Friendship, or simply "The Church", becomes the new government.

The American people fully support the new regime and the Prophet is regarded as a Billy Graham-like figure. There seems to be no opposition to the Church.

But there is opposition. An underground organization consisting of freedom fighters called "The Resistance" forms. Its goal is to overthrow the Prophet's regime and restore the Constitution and freedom to America. The Resistance has allies, people who aren't part of the Resistance but opposed to the Prophet's regime, helping it. Nations that are alarmed by the United States being taken over by a religious dictatorship also aid the Resistance. There is also opposition within the Church itself. A clandestine group of dissident Church followers called "The Fifth Column" is also aiding the Resistance.

The fight won't be easy. The majority of the American people support the Prophet's regime and the regime has spies and sympathizers everywhere, and the regime has allies as well.

Join the fight for freedom! Here are the available positions for characters:

1. Resistance Leader
2. Resistance Fighter
3. Resistance Intelligence Operative
4. Ally of the Resistance
5. Foreign Character Aiding the Resistance
6. The Prophet
7. Church Official (national, state, local)
8. Member of the Church's Armed Forces
9. Member of the Church's Secret Police
7. Church Intelligence Operative
8. Church Sympathizer
10. Ally of the Church
11. Fifth Columnist

To join, send a character bio to the GM at joryjolley1975@gmail.com.