Title: Regency Tales RPG
GM: Mel [gypsysoul82@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc

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Regency Tales RPGWelcome to Regency England – where appearance is everything…

While the rest of Europe is still burdened with recovery from Napoleon and his empire, the excesses of the upper crust of England only continue to grow. The Continent struggles with political turmoil and huge social changes, while in England there are parties, balls, exhibitions – for those with the money or the titles to enjoy them.

And meanwhile, many of the lower classes struggle to survive. Classes are strictly maintained – or are they? Soldiers and sailors who've made their fortunes are returning home, and looking to find their place among the Ton, and now have the funds to do so. Those of good family work to find the best match possible for both money and prestige, and those ever-elusive titles. The lower classes have their own hopes and dreams – and their place. Yet peel away that genteel veneer, and there are secrets, affairs, intrigues, and adventure just a whispered word away from ruinous scandal, on every level of society.

Regency Tales is a PBEM RPG set during a fun and interesting period of history. Our game board is located on groups.io. We're looking for creative, dedicated players and would love to have you join our group of fantastic and welcoming writers! We are all original characters, storyline based. Who will you be?