GM: ZL [zlargo@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc

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FALLOUTWar…War Never Changes…

How many years has it been since the bombs fell and the world was wiped away and replaced with wasteland? Some say dozens, others say hundreds, but as the world burned away as did so much of what we knew, so much of the time we recorded and kept track of.

And what of civilization? The cities and towns replaced with shells of rubble and crumbling buildings. Hollows and ruins scavenged over for what little can be taken. Roughly bent and broken ceiling beams used now as little more than shelter from the radioactive and acidic rains.

And what of our animals and our crops? Dusty fields toiled upon endlessly that yield little in the way of food, and what food there is would be considered alien those came before. And our beasts of burdon now bizarre irradiated creatures that roam the desolate lands.

And what of our society? War never changes. What had once turned the world from a paradise to nuclear fire…that war still exists in fighting between raiders and villiages, towns against towns; and against each ideal and faction which believes it alone is the path to salvation for the world that remains.
Neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, and brother against brother as our petty squabbles and territorial struggles continue, forever and ever.

And what of you? What you will make of yourself in this wasteland that has taken away the lands that used to be fertile, the waters that used to be refreshing, and the different people who used to be friends but are now raiders?

What will you be?

Fallout will take place in Northern Michigan and the great lakes allowing for cities such as Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland. Along with the cities a great deal of the settings for these stories will also take place on the lakes themselves on homes and cities people have built from ships, boats and barges-from heavy cargo ships in the lakes, the cruise ships that used to ferry passengers from the United States into Canada. Before the great war changes the landscape of the world, and the barriers of nations.

Fallout is a PBEM RPG that takes place in the setting of the same name.