Title: Rivers Run: An Afterlife/Limbo, Pan-Historical Survival RPG
GM: PBEM Suggestion [pbemsuggest@protonmail.com]
Played via: Forum based

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Rivers Run: An Afterlife/Limbo, Pan-Historical Survival RPGYour death need not be the end.

For those who awake in the River flowing by the hamlet of Rivers Run, a second chance at life is theirs to take. As they leave behind everything they have ever known and are immersed in a portmanteau of cultures and eras, they must survive the strange, the foreign and the unknown.

Rivers Run is a mature post-by-post role-playing game set in an original, low-fantasy world accessible only by death in the real world. Open to new characters, or as a home for those without games, Rivers Run is focused on character development and creating a fun community for all.

Title: Aurora Lake RPG
GM: Mel [gypsysoul82@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc

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Aurora Lake RPG“Deep in the heart of Texas” isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life. Welcome to Aurora Lake, Texas, where football is king, men open doors, and churches and bars compete with each other for business. Some of the stereotypes are true, most are not, as real people live their lives, full of love and heartache, joy and sadness, possibilities…

This small town is more than just a place to live. It's a place to call home.

Football season is here and football fever is again taking over! The Annual Tailgate Party will be in full swing. Come cheer on the AL Wolves!

Aurora Lake RPG is a modern day, small town PBeM game with a long history and fun, welcoming writers. We’d love to have you join us! You must be 18 to join.

Game information is here (just request access):


New Group homes, with new links and no more Yahoo nonsense!

Main Board: https://groups.io/g/AuroraLakeRPG

OOC: https://groups.io/g/AuroraLakeRPG-OOC

Title: Regency Tales RPG
GM: Mel [gypsysoul82@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc

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Regency Tales RPGWelcome to Regency England – where appearance is everything…

While the rest of Europe is still burdened with recovery from Napoleon and his empire, the excesses of the upper crust of England only continue to grow. The Continent struggles with political turmoil and huge social changes, while in England there are parties, balls, exhibitions – for those with the money or the titles to enjoy them.

And meanwhile, many of the lower classes struggle to survive. Classes are strictly maintained – or are they? Soldiers and sailors who've made their fortunes are returning home, and looking to find their place among the Ton, and now have the funds to do so. Those of good family work to find the best match possible for both money and prestige, and those ever-elusive titles. The lower classes have their own hopes and dreams – and their place. Yet peel away that genteel veneer, and there are secrets, affairs, intrigues, and adventure just a whispered word away from ruinous scandal, on every level of society.

Regency Tales is a PBEM RPG set during a fun and interesting period of history. Our game board is located on groups.io. We're looking for creative, dedicated players and would love to have you join our group of fantastic and welcoming writers! We are all original characters, storyline based. Who will you be?

Title: USS Gemini - A New Day, A New Way!
GM: Captain N'Evran [co@uss-gemini.a2hosted.com]
Played via: Custom Games

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USS Gemini - A New Day, A New Way!“On this day, we come together in unity and remembrance”, said S’Ten R’Mor, the new Head Regent of the Romulan Federation in the assembly hall of Federation Starbase 230. The recent years have not been kind to the Romulan people. We have faced tragedy, strife, and war. Today that ends in peace…”

At that moment an explosion ripped through the hall sending people and debris flying. The red alert klaxons blared throughout the station. Despite both the Romulan and Federation’s best efforts even now someone was trying to prevent peace and prosperity.

The USS Gemini, a Star Trek sim set in a ‘quasi-Abramsverse’ (the Hobus star exploded, Romulus was destroyed, but Nero never made it back in time to destroy Vulcan), is seeking players. The following positions are currently available

Executive Officer
Chief CONN Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Engineer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Although I am looking to fill department heads first, other positions will be accepted. There are no civilians or families on the ship.

If you are interested, please go to https://uss-gemini.a2hosted.com, review the rules, then fill out an application. If you have questions, please send them to co@uss-gemini.a2hosted.com.

Captain N'Evran
Commanding Officer
USS Gemini NCC-0622

Dynasty Role-Playing Game
GM: Joey Jolley [joeyjolley1975@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc
"Dynasty" Follows two of the wealthiest families in Denver, Colorado as they feud for control over their fortune and their children.

This role-playing game is based on the classic television series but is set in the present day and the characters will be racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse. It will also have strong female characters with Fallon being one of the lead characters and the Carrington family heroine and the Van Kirks will be included.

But the story will be set in Denver, Colorado, the name of the two energy conglomerates will be Denver-Carrington and ColbyCo, Alexis will be British, and Sammy Jo will be female. Need I say more as to what we'll be doing?

This role-playing game will not be based on the reboot. The only ideas from the reboot we'll be using is the present-day setting, diversity, alternative energy sources, strong female characters, a strong, independent, and business-savvy Fallon who is also a fighter, and the Van Kirks.

However, the classic series format is what we want and that's what we'll do other than the ideas from the reboot that we'll be using. Original characters are most definitely welcome. If you want to play an original character, you'll be sent a character sheet so you can write that character's biography.

If you're a fan of "Dynasty" and want to join u, email the GM at joeyjolley1975@gmail.com.

All the characters from the show are available. Just choose one or more that you want to play. The story will be episodic like a T.V. series with seasons.


1. Post at least once a week. Please let the GM know if you have to be absent for a period of time.

2. Posts will be written in third-person format
3. Use correct punctuation and spelling
4. No using another writer's characters without permission
5. Address issues between writers outside of the game