GM: Dynasty Fan [joeyjolley1975@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc
Anybody want to do a "Dynasty" role-playing game? The rpg would be set in Denver in 2018. We would start with Blake meeting Krystle/Cristal and go from there. We would maintain the racial/cultural diversity of the new show. All characters are available and new ones are welcome. Email the GM at joeyjolley1975@gmail.com.

Title: Dark Frontier
GM: Joey Jolley [joeyjolley1975@gmail.com]
Played via: Forum based

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Dark Frontier In 2030, in a future in which the Nazis won World War II, an American OSS agent and a genetically-engineered German woman who, as a child, escaped from a Nazi genetics lab with twelve other children and is being pursued by the Nazi officer in charge of the German genetics lab from which she escaped, and is searching for those others of her kind, undertake dangerous missions behind Nazi lines, fighting against the Nazi menace and keeping the hope of freedom alive in a dark world. They are aided by their fellow OSS agents, operatives of the British Special Operations Executive, intelligence operatives of governments-in-exiles, and the brave resistance fighters in occupied Europe

This is their story. It's also the story of the missions of other OSS operatives operating throughout the world, operatives of the British Special Operations Executive, operatives of governments in-exile, Nazi Abwehr agents operating in the United States, and FBI agents tracking Nazi spies in the United States, German defectors, and those from other nations who are bravely risking their lives in helping oppressed people escape from occupied Europe, and those suffering in Nazi concentration camps and escaping. If you want to join, please post in this (roles) section and follow up with Joey Jolley

The following positions are available:

1. The Genetically-Engineered German Woman 2. OSS Director 3. OSS Operative 4. British S.O.E. Operative 5. Intelligence Operative of Government-In-Exile 6. Resistance Fighter In Occupied Europe 7. The Fuhrer 8. Nazi Official 9. Director of the Nazi genetics lab 9. Abwehr Agent 10. FBI Agent 11. Nazi Counterintelligence Agent 12. Nazi SS Officer 13. Gestapo Officer 14. German Defector 15. Citizens of other nations helping oppressed people 16. Nazi Concentration Camp Inmate

To join: email the GM at joeyjolley1975@gmail.com or log onto the group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2180171498861082/

Title: Wildfire Squadron
GM: Commander Jack Arthur [smith.0wen30@hotmail.co.uk]
Played via: Custom Games

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Wildfire SquadronWildfire Squadron: Standing on the precipice of Defeat.

The year is 2373, the date well its close to new years eve. The Federation and its allies the Klingon Empire is at war, The Dominion have invaded the Alpha Quadrant with the help of the Cardassian Union. Deep Space Nine has fallen into enemy hands and with it control of the Bajoran Wormhole, good luck using it to bring re-enforcements through boys. The war has not been kind on the Federation, a succession of big defeats and heavy losses on the front lines leave most fearing for what seems like the inevitable defeat.

Captain James Williams has taken commander of the USS Exeter and in doing so has taken on the responsibility of commanding one of the fleet Carriers. Captain Williams however was left in a crux, the ships former Chief Aviator was killed along with the ships former commanding officer. Williams knew that he needed his own CAG but more than that he knew that he would need his own XO.

Commander Jack Arthur comes highly recommended. decorated but at lose ends and finding comfort at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Williams found the man in a bar on Risa, it was here that Jack Arthur attempted to knock his block off. Williams had a hard time reconciling the shell of a man he met with the service record and recommendations he received. Jack Arthur as brilliant as he is had suffered the loss of his brother in the early days of the war, something that left him damaged.

Williams offered him the position as ship XO and then asked him to take on the position as CAG. Knowing that the younger man would not be happy unless he was flying it was for the best to offer him both. Jack accepted the position and in doing so said that he would create his own squadron and that recruitment for said squadron would be solely down to him. The Captain could offer his imput but the final say would be Jack's.

The end result is Wildfire Squadron, the best of the best according to Jack. Flight jockeys and their co pilots willing to do whatever it takes to bring them home and win the war for the Federation.

Available Key positions


Co Pilots

Squadron Leader


Chief of the deck (Think Battlestar)

Strategical Operations Manager

Intelligence officer

NOTE: This is a fighter sim not a ship sim... though their are open positions on board ship the priority is to fill the fighter squadron.

Title: Eagle Investigations
GM: Joey Jolley [joeyjolley1975@gmail.com]
Played via: Forum based

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Eagle Investigations n modern society, the forces of law enforcement don't always get their man.

In most cities, for most crimes, clearance rates (the amount of cases opened versus cases where charges are brought) are abysmal. Even murder is solved often only 60% of the time. Police forces, even at the state level or even for national agencies like the US's FBI, don't have enough resources to investigate every case. And more cases than anyone likes to admit go cold, to boot.

That's where a firm like Eagle Investigations steps in. Performing private investigations, freelance security, consulting with government agencies, and other sorts of security work both famous and not-so-famous, Eagle Investigations might just be able...to crack the case. To find the missing person. To protect against terrorist threats.

To save lives and protect lives. And make a buck too, while they're at it, because this sort of skill doesn't come cheap at all.


Eagle Investigations is a free-form role-playing game played via forums about the modern-day (RL world) men and women that work at a world-renowned private investigations and freelance security firm, headquartered in Park City, Utah and operating worldwide.

Eagle Investigations does everything from private investigations, to bounty hunting, to personal security and corporate security, VIP security, witness protection, search and rescue, surveillance, undercover work, cold case investigations, repossession, location of witnesses, victim's advocate work, locating witnesses, computer and Internet crimes, background checks, drug and narcotics investigations, self-defense training, weapons training, and anti-terrorism.

We have virtually every position available you could ask for, at the moment, in all areas of specialization. We even have positions open for a receptionist, an office manager, a victim's advocate, and other typically-unsung and unheralded roles.

To take a look at our forums, look at http://eagleinvestigations.createaforum.com/index.php; to join, look for the blank character sheet in the character biographies section, fill it out, and send it in to our admin by private message, or email it to joeyjolley1975@gmail.com. If/when you join, send the GM an email to let him know you're there.

GM: Joey Jolley [joeyjolley1975@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc
"Supervolcano" is an rpg that tells the story of an eruption of the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park, the consequences of such an eruption, and the eruption's aftermath. If you like this type of rpg and want to join, submit a character biography to the GM at joeyjolley1975@gmail.com.

Title: Harry Potter RP
GM: Aloe [aloebreeze@gmail.com]
Played via: Custom Games

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Harry Potter RPWelcome to Hogwarts, the best wizarding school in Britain. You're back for another year at the castle, filled with friends, feasts, beasts, and magic galore. Learn spells with skilled professors, tame mythical creatures, learn about various plants; all on the grounds. Or, visit Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, seeing various shops and trinkets for sale. It is currently 2030, and the previous Hogwarts staff have retired, leaving room for new professors. Shopkeepers have also changed out, most often by the original shopkeepers' heirs.

But all isn't well; it seems something... off.. is happening at the school. No one can quite put their finger on it, but something is definitely happening. Some students seem to be sighting some random objects at the lake that no one claims to own, and the squid seems to be more reclusive than usual lately. Everyone also feels a bit... empty and hollower than usual, maybe a bit colder, a bit sadder. It could be nothing, but it could also be something more sinister.
(Plot is slowly being developed, as we're in our earlier stages)

Paragraph style is preferred, however more concise responses are okay as well, depending on the situation.
To create a character, you must make a character sheet on the server. More details will be given on joining.

All of this can be found on Discord, using this link here: https://discord.gg/xTgm6yD

We're looking for really anyone of any ages, as there is a strict no NSFW rule, meaning there will not be sexual content or over-the-top violence. Potterhead or not, you will be accepted with open arms 3

This RP has a small community right now, but we're on a quest to change that. Come join us!