Title: Eden Fleet:Take your place in a Star Trek universe pbem game
GM: Admiral Leo Handley-Page [spiral.arm1@gmail.com]
Played via: Group - Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc

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Eden Fleet:Take your place in a Star Trek universe pbem gameRise through the ranks from Ensign to Captain in a unique setting that allows you to make your mark on the Star Trek universe. An offshoot from the "Prime" universe and beginning in 2393, Outpost Eden takes you beyond the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. You'll never need to pay subscription fees or make a donation - membership is completely free.

Each player controls their character's actions by submitting them as emails to a group list. You can track the action on a group site or in your own inbox

The Outpost Eden RPG groups use a script style - this makes it easy for you to insert your character's dialogue and action into the plot

You can join us by filling out our application form. We'll ask for a short bio and guide you through a sample post, then place you in one of our groups

Title: Sagas of the Wild West
GM: Stormwolfe [stormwolfe1031@gmail.com]
Played via: Custom Games

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Sagas of the Wild WestWelcome to Sagas of the Wild West!

It is 1875, ten years after the end of the American Civil War, and people are moving west. Everyone has their reasons for making the perilous journey and settling on the frontier. Some are running from their past, some look to strike it rich, some are looking for adventure, others simply want the opportunity to settle new lands and make a new life for themselves.

Why are you heading west? Who are you running to or from? What is hidden in your past?

The primary setting for the RPG universe is a fictional version of the town of Kalispell in the Territory of Montana. Please click on Wiki in the main menu to browse information specific to the RPG such as timeline alterations, character types, town information, etc.

Sagas of the Wild West was inspired by the classic TV and movie westerns of the 1950s thru 1970s. You may create a totally original character, or you may adapt a favorite character from a television series or movie to fit Sagas' premise and setting.

RPG Rating (18+)
L2, S2, V2: For more information, see our Rules page @ http://www.sagaswiki.com/rules/

If you are interested in joining our roleplaying group, please click on the Contact Us button or link - or - visit our Discord server for live chat. You can find the links on the site's main page and wiki.

Port Angeles Darkness
GM: JohnC [GreyStarEmail@aol.com]
Played via: Email
Port Angeles is a dark and mysterious town. The vampire population here is small, so naturally the kindred of the city know each other quite intimately. For the most part, the mortals know nothing about the supernatural. They go about their daily lives, mostly oblivious to the real world around them. Prince Alexander, a Brujah, is troubled though.

He has heard rumors that a mysterious individual has come to Port Angeles – a mysterious individual with one goal – to destroy the entire supernatural population. Thus far, there have been no sighting of “the one in black” as it is called – but the information Alexander has received has come from trusted sources and he knows it’s only a matter of time. Or so you’ve been told by your clan leader – one of the Prince’s primogen.

You have now been called before the Prince. While you may be young, having been a kindred for less than 100 years, you are being offered an opportunity to prove yourself. Nothing having to do with “the one in black” of course. No, your job and the job of your coterie, is to stop problems before they develop. Your job is to keep the masquerade in tact at all costs. Do this and you’ve been promised rewards – boons, resources, and even status.

Are you ready to step into the World of Darkness? Are you ready to explore the streets of a port town with a tight knit Camarilla community located on the coast of New England? Are you eager to prove yourself and gain rewards and status in the process?


Port Angeles Darkness is a Vampire the Masquerade 2nd edition game set in a fictional town in the World of Darkness. I am looking for three to four players who are interested in playing via email.

This is closed-ended game, meaning it is not an ongoing campaign and is meant to eventually end. Please note, there are adult themes and language in the game. Also, be aware that ALL player characters will eventually die in this game and all are required to take the flaw dark fate (5pts).

If you are interested in playing you need to send me an email with both some background on you as a player (general age, name, gender, how long you’ve been role playing or writing, etc….) and a character concept, including which Camarilla clan you are interested in playing. No Malkavians are in the city. From there, we’ll work on your character sheet and background together.

After we have all the characters worked out, I’ll introduce all the players to each other and we’ll start the game hopefully by mid Jan.

There is no limit to how often you can post and interact with other PCs, though plot point posts will occur at the rate of roughly one a week. I do, however, ask players write for their characters only and to do so in the third person (he/she said, felt, etc.). As for dice rolls – I’ll be making them behind the scenes. You’ll be shown how to post (OOC/IC/Mechanics style) prior to the game starting.

The game is expected to last roughly 3-4 months provided everyone is consistent in their posting.